Convenient for you, comfortable for the calf!


Rearing calves in an outdoor environment strengthens the defences of the animals and supports a healthy constitution from an early age.

High quality calf hutches for single management S and L provide you an elaborated and enormously flexible solution that have been tried and tested in practice. Standardly the calf hutches will be delivered with a threshold with large integrated wheels. Moreover you are able to receive the following accessories:

  • Front fence with a bucket ring and teat bucket holder
  • Fence with removable stanchions and chamfered edges for optimal attachment of teat bucket
  • Info tag
  • Number on the threshold
  • Sturdy handle at the rear of the hutch


Easy to use

Hutches can be folded away with a single hand movement; this facilitates mucking out of the hutches.

Flexible fence door

The front fence door can be easily relocated from the feed fence to the entrance of the calf hutch.

Easy to relocate

The transport hooks or the sturdy wheels on the hutch make it easy to relocate the Urban calf hutches.

The feed fences

The feed fences of the pens can be folded away in the same manner.


OPENTOP Standard

with front fences, including threshold and bucket ring

The open top rearing system has a conspicuous open roof and is suitable for set up in the barn or outdoors under a roof. For livestock owners who want to rear their calves inside or outside under a roof, it is a practical and flexible system combining a further reduction of work expenditure with greatest possible user friendliness.

OPENTOP with chassis frame

with front fence, including threshold and bucket ring.

Delivered on steel frame with slatted floor, available as single, double or triple type with tumbler gear (optional).

Dimensions (L x W x H): Hutch: 157 x 106 x 165 cm

Fence with self-locking system

Front Fence with self-locking system

Calf hutches pictures